Our People Make it Possible

The real energy powering Granite Shore Power is the people who work to ensure our state has electricity when we need it the most. Our team is proud of the work we do not only in our generation stations but by giving back to our community.


The electricity Granite Shore generates provides our state with over a thousand megawatts; that’s enough to power over a million homes and keep our local economy running. We’re also preparing for the future with investments in battery storage technology and more to provide value in the long-term.

At Granite Shore Power, safety is our number one priority. A safe work environment means our employees are able to deliver power securely to our customers without ever being put in harm's way. Building a safety-first work culture is a team effort where accountability and transparency serve as our foundation.

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The generation stations at Granite Shore Power have been fitted with industry-leading equipment to reduce pollutants from entering our state’s air. With advanced scrubbing technology, our plants emit less mercury and other harmful chemicals while never sacrificing efficiency. Our plans for a more sustainable future include battery energy storage and more to protect our local environment.